Delivery Package at NUH

Details of the delivery package is shown for your reference, it is important for the expecting mummies and husband to call the NUH to find out more and arrange for a tour in order to have a comfortable stay at the hospital for the birth delivery.

Antenatal Package for private patients

We are pleased to offer you an antenatal package that covers all pregnancy-related consultations after your 22nd week pregnancy.


This package includes:

  • All clinic consultations with your obstetrician from the 22nd week of your pregnancy till the birth of your baby.
  • 2 ultrasound / obstetric scans (at 22nd and 32nd weeks) to monitor the growth of your baby.
  • 1 postnatal consultation.

Who is eligible for the antenatal package?

All private patients who are at least 22 weeks pregnant.


How do I sign up for this package?

As you approach your 22nd week of pregnancy, our clinic staff will inform you of this package during your visit.
You can sign up and pay for the package in full at the clinic.



Inpatient Delivery Packages

We are pleased to offer you several packages to meet your delivery needs. All estimated charges for normal and elective Caesarean delivery package are listed in the Table of Delivery Charges.


1) Antenatal and Delivery packages for Singapore Citizens

2) Antenatal and Delivery packages for Permanent Residents

3) Antenatal and Delivery packages for Foreigners


You may also request for a copy from our clinic staff.


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Paediatric Screening Package

This package consists of a daily visit from a Paediatrician to check on your baby during your stay at NUH.
All private patients are automatically registered for this package.


Any tests and medication that are required will be charged separately. In the event that your baby requires a higher level of care or intensive care due to unforeseen circumstances, all additional items consumed will be charged, on top of the package price.



Optional Services

Paediatric Standby Service

This is an optional service for a paediatrician to standby during your delivery.  You and obstetrician can request for this service at the time of delivery.


Room-in Service

This service is available in the single bed ward (A1 Class) if you would like a family member to accompany you through the night. There is a sofa bed in the ward for one adult to room-in.


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Preparation for Your Bundle of Joy


Complimentary Maternity Tour

We conduct complimentary maternity tours on every Monday at 2pm to our Women’s Clinic, Delivery Suite and postnatal wards. Each tour is limited to 10 couples and is available on a first-come-first-served basis. You can register for the tour with our clinic staff or contact the NUH Women’s Clinic at 6772 2255/ 2277.




Antenatal and Parentcraft Programme

Our antenatal programme provides information and guidance which will prepare you for your pregnancy and parenthood journey. 

You can learn about antenatal care and coping with the physical changes to your body during your pregnancy, the labour experience, infant feeding, managing postnatal and newborn care. Our physiotherapy sessions cover antenatal exercises and relaxation techniques as well.


We have 2 programmes tailored to meet your needs:


1) Normal Class – 7 consecutive sessions & 1 Baby Massage session 

6pm – 8pm

9am – 11am / 11.30am – 1.30pm / 2pm – 4pm

Fees: NUH patient – $214


2) Express Class – 2 consecutive sessions & 1 Baby Massage session

1st Saturday: Tour of our maternity facilities at 9am – 11am
2nd Saturday: Full day class at 9am – 5pm / 10am – 6pm
Fees: NUH patient – $160.50

*All classes are on a first-come-first-serve basis; kindly make your booking early.

Please click here to find out more about our Antenatal and Parentcraft class.


You can sign up after our 12th week of pregnancy with our clinic staff or contact the NUH Women’s Clinic at 6772 2255/ 2277.


Please click Here to read up on the list of FAQs on Antenatal class.

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